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“How I saved the world with my finger on the share button”

Welcome to the International Amazon Smile program. Sign up for the Amazon Smile program here

I have been getting more and more traffic to my website, Remembered Not Forgotten, from overseas visitors. Not a lot but exciting non the less. As a thank you for them stumbling onto the site, I would like to show them how we can Do Some Good, by Telling Stories. I want to reach out to them and share the benefits of the Amazon Smile program. It supports thousands of charities all over the world, and now is the time for us all to get involved. What easier way is there to be a good Samaritan. 

All you have to do is hit SHARE.

I post, and hopefully, if you like, you can just share it with your contacts. Everybody wins!

With all of the bad things happening in the world today I think it’s time we get further involved. We can share our stories and do some good.

Here is a great example from the front lines. My Doctor’s son has a childrens home in Romania with about 40 kids, and he even has time to reach across the border and rescue more orphans from the war in Ukraine.

So, what did you do today? What if we could make a difference starting now?

If you share these posts with all your friends and they do the same, we can begin to reach contacts all over the world.                 When you Smile, the World Smiles with you.

In your travels you have met some memorable people who are now friends, so why not share some of these ideas with them? Show all your friends and overseas contacts how to

use the Smile program just by following this link.

Ask them what their favorite charity is, and exchange ideas. You might even have them help your charity!

If we all start to do this, even in a small way, it will grow into doing some real good. Imagine, if they share with their friends, and then they share with their friends, and so on…

See what you started? You get to take all the credit for starting it and we can all bask in our glory together. What can I say other than Thank You!

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