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Pithy Family Quotes

Family members have a way of creating and perpetuating pithy phrases that all members recognize and use. It just happens.

My grandparents would say "Aw Pshaw" a lot. mostly when tired, or after a yawn.

Grandpa would say "Quicker than Hell can scorch a feather." Now, that's quick!

Mom would say, " An inch on the end of your nose is a lot!"

If I was pouting, dad would say, " If that lip gets any lower, you'll step on it!"

If trying to get out of chores, our parents would say, "Your big enough, old enough and ugly enough!"

A friend's mom would say, " As independent as a hog on ice!"

My nephew Tony coined the phrase, "You make fun to me!" Mom loved that one.

Uncle John was credited with saying, "It's all 10 cents a pound." A reference to pasta for sale at the local Italian market.

Dad would frequently say, "I'm going down to the corner." rather than revealing his destination.

I suspect that all families have their own collections of pithy sayings. I used to take them for granted, now I cherish them and hope to save as many as possible, before they are forgotten.

Let us remember and use family sayings. Family sayings bind us together.



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