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Hi, Impact

About Us

    Three years ago, a couple friends and I reunited in

Charleston, WV. This was the half-way point, driving

down from Ohio, and up from North Carolina.

    We hadn't been together for nearly 50 years, after being being best buds in High School (class of 1967), and the early college years at Akron University.

    We spent two days regaling each other with a firehose of stories, frantically trying to recall a plethora of our shared experiences.

    It was great fun, but then we thought, shouldn't there be a site where anyone can share and store cherished memories? 

Remembered Not Forgotten, RENOFO, was born.

A place to wax nostalgic about being young.

A spot to share feel-good stories that you remember fondly.

A location to go back to, often, just to feel good.

A sentimental place to share and reflect on friendship.

A site to satisfy the soul!

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