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The Truth, Give or take a Lie or two

While every attempt has been made to relate these memories in a fun and amusing style let me assure you, they are all based on actual times lived through, survived, and now revived. Time has a way of bringing life to a tale and the retelling will exaggerate just how big the fish was, but the fish did exist.

We will tell you when we have to change the names to protect the survivors, and like Fargo, out of respect for those past we will tell it exactly as it happened. All things will be truly

Remembered - NotForgotten

Join us Remembering the times of Our Lives

Please join us now as we embark on a journey of all things Remembered-NotForgotten. These memories bring us joy in the reminiscing, and we hope encourage your joy in re-living them with us, but most of all we invite you to share yours. Tell them as if you were speaking to your kids and make us all proud. We reserve the right to be selective with appropriate content. When you join our Memory Army against Alzheimer’s, we will keep you current with occasional updates. Thank you!

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