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Jeff’s Grandma’s Homemade Apple Pie

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I was always interested in cooking from an early age. I can still smell the apple pies my grandmother baked when I was growing up on North Hill in Akron. 1957 was a good year for apples, and little kids.

It would literally take hours starting with peeling and coring the apples, kneading the dough, cooking the filling to soften the filling, whew! Time to prep 90 minutes.

You can believe all those stories of the freshly baked pie cooling off on the windowsill.

Here is how I created the memory of grandma’s apple pie. I can’t call this a recipe precisely; it is more of a DIY guide with pictures. Why try to reinvent the wheel, this is simple, quick, made at home, and yummy!

Tip: remove pie crust and rest on counter while you are getting the necessary items.

2 cans GV Apple pie filling (you can use no sugar added and eliminate 840 calories per pie).

1 pack Pillsbury premade pie crusts (or save $2 using Great Value store brand crusts).

A 9” pie plate and 9” ring to protect crust. Just make sure it's same size!

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Ingredient cost: $6 to $8; personal satisfaction: Priceless

Store bought frozen $7 bakes for 60 minutes, Bakery Fresh? $7 if available

Time to prep: 10 minutes

Time to cook: 425 degrees for 46 minutes

Time to cool before eating: Seems like forever!

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