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Our Reason for being

    Our company the Best of Jeff comprised of the Podcast and (Renofo) the website and it's personal blog, and both are dedicated to telling stories and doing good.

    Our function is to promote charity to all, by reminding people of happier times and further the Pay It Forward concept in unique and specific ways.

    There are so many things that only you have experienced, and as time passes, they either fade, or grow in stature. Stories that were important in the moment, deserve to be shared for the future.


They are what makes you, you.


    Our stories feature growing up in the 1960's, reliving the happiness of youth, and lead us kicking and screaming into the future as we got older, surviving in spite of ourselves.

Our hope is to bring smiles to you, our viewers.


    You in turn can share your stories and invite all your friends to remember and smile along with our ever-growing family. 


    We also plan to individualize this experience, designed to fit your particular circumstance.


    We can simply provide a place for you to post your own story on It’s free and available now.



We humbly hope you will join us on this journey,

Guide us in helpful directions,

and most importantly

Share and preserve your memories and dreams.

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