A Life Jacket for your Feet

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Even if you feel cat-like on dry land,

don't risk one of your nine lives on a slippery tub or shower floor.

The Problem

Have you ever felt unsteady in the shower, standing on one of those suction cup rubber bathmats? How many of us have grabbed shower curtains and shower heads when those mats give up the suction, your feet take flight, and your butt cheeks clench?

When I was 17, and getting ready for a date, I would eagerly jump into the shower.

At that age you have your whole life ahead of you, but, when you get to be my age now, you want to see just how many more years you can protect. You need to feel secure in your own tub and even though I don’t think I’m that old, fortunately, on most days I don’t even feel that old, but it is still better to be careful just in case. Help is at hand, or maybe underfoot.

The Setup

The trick is to remove your rubber bath mats before starting. Be sure to scour the bottom free of any soap film hiding underneath. That's just too easy. Right? Problem solved; the mat can’t slip if it ain’t there. Ok, but what about your feet on a wet soapy tub?

Fear no more, foot salvation is here. *Please don’t take chances. Take precautions if you remove your bathmat*

The Fix

Water shoes, or as I like to call them, Bathroom ballet No-slippers.

Click picture to see all the choices on Amazon.

I bought mine on Amazon, As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases, but it will never cost you more, it just helps support this blog. Please, check them out, and we can both enjoy these blogs together.

These were originally called water shoes. Equally great for swimming, canoeing, exploring beaches or streams with confidence. Very handy on camping trips, they also provide extra sanitation if you are using communal showers on vacation, or even the local gym.

Personal floatation device.

I can’t call them life jackets because of how you wear them, and if you are depending on them for floatation, then you are not wearing them as directed, and your tub is not draining properly. But they do provide solid footing in a slippery shower or bath floor, extra confidence walking on wet tile floors, and, best of all, we just might feel young again. Apologies to those of you under 30, just shut up with the old jokes, and try them. You too can become a 70-year-old teenager.

Funny that one of their best attributes is they are water-proof, self-cleaning and air dry between use and they thrive in water.

Happy Feet for All

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