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Akron's own Sauerkraut Balls just got better!

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Akron Family Recipes: History and Traditions from Sauerkraut Balls to Sweet Potato Pie (American Palate)” by Judy James Orr.

You need to check this out while they are still available, they are selling fast.

This is newest bestselling book here on The Best of Jeff and Stuff. I have to thank my buddy Tony for sending me a copy. This book has an entire chapter on the history of sauerkraut balls and loads of recipes developed over the years, and I plan to try them all. Tony, who actually knows everybody in Akron, lives just down the block from the author and I got a signed copy. And I have already spilled flour on my otherwise pristine copy.

The author has painstakingly researched and documented all of the best recipes and history behind the people who built Akron. They certainly were well fed.

You can thank the author, and learn all about Akron food, plus make your own yummy treats; just get your own copy then post a review and share it with your friends.

For those of you who prefer old school methods, this beautiful nonelectric fryer is perfect for small batches right on stovetop.

Let me tell you about my introduction. I have enjoyed sauerkraut balls since I was 12 years old when I first tasted that crispy, tangy, morsel. We never had tried them at home until my Uncle Jerry introduced them as a new fad that he and his friends at Akron University were enjoying, kind of like how California onion chip dip made with Lipton soup had become a fad. He brought some home from a local bar and everyone loved them. It was “Love at First Bite”, and when Bunny B started selling these frozen yummies at the Acme grocery store, they became our favorite holiday treat.

Here is a really novel way to "hand them out" at parties.

Individual hand painted ceramic serving dishes.

I took them for granted for years, until I discovered them as the perfect accompaniment with Beer and Wine. They were no longer just for special holidays, but rather a weekly favorite. Didn't really think about them because they were always there.

And then I moved! Sauerkraut balls are unfortunately still a regional delicacy, almost unheard of in the smaller cities of Florida, or North Carolina, and everywhere else if you aren't in Northeast Ohio and if I wanted some, I would have to make them. This literally opened a Pandoras Box of choices.

Original, Beef? Or Pork? Potato? Cheese? Vegan? Gluten Free? Fried? Baked? Whew! There is a recipe for every taste, and I have modestly written a few of my own recipes, trying to address some dietary restrictions:

Vegan Sauerkraut Balls, Gluten Free Sauerkraut Balls, Non-Dairy Sauerkraut Balls.

Please check back because I will be adding to updating these recipes for you to enjoy.


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