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C- Philosophy of Life

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

When I was an undergrad,

I needed an elective. Anything easy and at least moderately amusing. So I picked Philosophy. How tough could it be?

Somehow, somewhere, I "learned" that a 4-year degree was the Willie Wonka golden ticket to a nice, easy life. And so, I picked courses that I believed were the path of least resistance. Business degree? No way! That included accounting.Who even cares about debits and credits, anyway?

So I bought the book,

Thought I would go on cruise control and end up with at least a B. That wouldn't hurt the old GPA.

It just didn't work out the way I had scripted it. For starters, philosophy includes Statistics, an insidious form of math on steroids. Did I mention that math was really hard for me? Also, the prof expected students to read the book. That didn't happen.


There was a final exam. Heavily weighted, as in, it was the whole grade. I still thought I was wily enough to fake a philosophy final. Do an academic rope a dope. Make Ali proud!

There was only one question on the final, "What is your philosophy of Life?"


I was starting to get nervous. Seems like knowing Statistics and reading the book mighta helped. I gave it my best shot. My best BS shot.

A week later,

I learned the truth.

I had a C- Philosophy of Life. No way around it. It's what I had earned.

Years later,

I really regret not learning a modicum of statistics, reading the book, and going to class, at least now and again.

I could have finished life with at least a B- Philosophy of Life!

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