Childhood Dreams

Updated: Jan 13

Or a Childhood bucket list

The premise of this tale is that it is never too late to try and realize your dreams. With that said …

There is nothing good about Covid and all that it caused. But it did give us the chance to show our inner resources. We have all struggled with how best to spend this time.

The idea for this Blog started back when there were only 15 Covid case in the whole country. You may have seen my blog Webbin’ ain’t easy. It was a steep learning curve starting with just the ideas and values that I shared with my childhood friend Mark. So, we started the blog, me in North Carolina and Mark firmly ensconced in Southern Michigan, and it certainly ate up volumes of this alone time. Alone together on the web is not as bad as it sounds, but maybe we should call it Me time. I even learned to type with my indoor voice. I ALSO LEARNED THAT TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS SHOUTING!

Every time I turn on the news it tests my belief that we have learned anything from our past mistakes. Life was simpler when I was a kid, Walter Cronkite would tell us the news of the world, closing with “And that’s the way it is.” No hype, no spin, definitely not fake news, he told us what was happening, and we could believe it.

Like I said, simpler. As I remember, and long for those happier times, I can’t help but think of all the grand ideas I had as a child. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was making a Bucket List.

Who remembers those best schemes that you started, but ran out of funds, or your parental units feared for your safety, or your accomplice moved away? Deeds undone!

I say it is time to revive that Bucket List. This links to all my childhood dreams, sort of. We are older now, some of us more than others, we are wiser now, again, some of us more than others, we became the responsible parental unit, and thankfully outgrew it. This is our time. Now we can let loose and make those dreams live, if not fully realized we can at least strive for better. For me, I was going to create a mini-golf layout in the back yard, nothing fancy, just long narrow boxes with staggered blocks or tubes to navigate to the hole.

I wanted to build a go cart, and even got so far as acquiring a lawnmower engine for power and had the plans for a wooden frame from Popular Mechanics, but I got stuck on the steering and brakes, but I did find a good seat from a swivel stool with chrome back rest. I’m sure that would have added some speed.

I always wanted to fly a remote-control airplane, and back in 1959 they were a bit pricey ready- made, so I decided to try building my own from balsa wood. I got plans that had pre-stamped wood parts and with my trusty X-Acto knife and some glue, tissue paper for wings, and dope to seal them, I was a builder. Just like the go cart I built the airframe, but I could only dream of buying the motor and all the control switches. So, on to the next big thing… Slot cars! This dream was so much easier to realize, because it all came in one box. Cars with electric motors, speed controllers, and the track.

I started asking or begging for this as my Christmas Gift. I didn’t want anything else, ever, I promise.

The only problem was that it was only September, leaving way too much plotting and prep time, and again that cursed holy bible for kid’s…Popular Mechanics magazine. They had an entire issue on just exactly how to build

your own slot car road course. All you need is a 4 x 8 Masonite board, a router, some magnetic tape, and a steady hand. Piece of cake in your imagination.

I spent hours drawing my super road track on graph paper borrowed from my uncles. The uncles were pretty cool but Wow! Graph paper! Now I could actually draw to scale. Well, I finally did get the race track set for Christmas, and I had fun racing around the figure eight layout, and I even set it up with the train set and then had to buy an overpass accessory for the train to go under. Problem is the early cars would jackknife on the curves if you went too fast, so now I’m trying to add banked corners which required a new magazine that was just for slot car racing.