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Dad's Wine

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

When I was young,

Dad made Wine. As I grew older, dad made Wine. It was in his genetic makeup as an Italian-American to make wine.

Dad never played fruit favorites when winemaking. Uncle Walt gave him wild cherries, so he made cherry wine. A fellow worker provided plums, so he made plum wine. Once in a while, he even made grape wine from the grapes in Aunt Margaret's backyard. Neither fancy sugar, nor exotic yeast was ever used. Off the shelf ingredients were placed in one gallon jugs and corked. No filtering, no labeling

After dad died,

My nephew found the remaining jugs of wine in a crawlspace under my parents front porch. Nephew Tony obviously has a dominant winemaking gene, as he took the jugs, blended them together, filtered, bottled, corked and labeled Dad's Wine. The blend represents around 50 years of winemaking.

I never saw dad drink any wine. He was the maker.


The reader may ask how does dad's Wine taste? I don't know and probably never will. It is just comforting to know my dad's handwork is in those bottles. A lifetime of ideas dreams and possibilities blended in Dad's

Super Sicilian Blend.

Salute Dad! (Glasses clink)

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