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Gardening Made Painless

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

This tool made a world of difference to ease the pain of gardening.

This multipurpose Kneeling gardening bench takes all the pressure off the knees while you are weeding and it has handles to help stand easier, plus, it flips over for a bench seat.

Garden Kneeler w Seat with Bonus Tool Pouches Click image to BUY NOW

You spend all winter dreaming of the perfect garden, planted in the perfect spot, with the correct amount of sun, imagined down to the last detail. All your hard work paid off, and the garden is thriving, partly because you dug, tilled, raked and planted each plant with love, but you also added plant food.

Guess who else loves plant food – WEEDS – that’s who?

This is exactly why I bought this for my wife today.

Power Pruning made painless

We took care of the knees, but what about all the repetitive snips with your hands. These tools will make short work of the limbs and shrubs that need attention and ease any pain in arthritic hands.

Mini Chain Saw Click link to Buy

Don't even try to tell me about those No See Ums!

The next item is healthy because it will keep the sun off your face and head, it doubles as protection from annoying midges, mosquitoes, and the nasty biting No See Ums, and can make a fashion statement.

Gardening made Enjoyable

Palmyth Net Hat

And our furry friends

Now that we are enjoying our gardens we should not forget about our feathered and furry friends. Songbirds, squirrels and chipmunks are great fun to watch and you can direct where you want to see them with careful placement of bird baths and feeders.

Tranquility and an Early Warning System

So what is left to complete the overall atmosphere? We already discussed Water features and portable fountains in the post Garden Fountains which you can refer to later.

What we need to add here is the gentle tinkle of wind chimes.



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