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Instant Picnic on the fly

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Did you know that you can order everything you need for a picnic, from your local Walmart store, and pick it up on the way? It’s as easy as a walk in the park! If you try it once you will be hooked for all your weekly shopping.

For all the info, just take a moment to read this blog, then just click the link below to your local Walmart and see all the latest deals before you shop, put the items in your cart, and wait to schedule a convenient time, then head to the store on the way, and they will put it in your car.

You can’t beat the convenience, or the price, or the service. Instant party on the go.

You can literally buy everything for the perfect outing, beverages, burgers, and buns. Don't forget ready lite charcoal and an aluminum grill. Just be careful and make sure the hot coals are out before you dispose of them!

It’s simple just make a list of all your favorites: hot dogs, burgers, buns, catsup, mustard, relish, sodas, bottles of water, beer, wine, wine coolers (be sure to check if you are allowed glass containers)!

If you want to be remembered as the ultimate party planner, order some Frosty paws frozen ice cream for all the dogs.

Don’t forget paper plates, plastic sporks, napkins, paper towels, wipes, sunscreen, insect repellant, can coolers, hats.

And for your entertainment some lawn games you can use all summer long.

Badminton is an old school tradition, horseshoes, corn hole toss, frisbee golf, maybe even some water balloons.

Walmart says they sell bagged ice, but if not at your store, any convenience store will be nearby.

You can plan ahead and place an early morning pick up on the day of the event, or even as soon as 2 hours ahead for an improvised picnic on your way to the state park.

Just click this Link to see what the daily local sales are to make sure you take advantage of all the savings, and you are on your way, save gas and time by making just one quick stop, and enjoy the day. And yes, the clean-up is a breeze. You are the superhero of picnics.

Now you can pay and arrange to pick up anything from food to electronics, (need batteries?) garden tools and fitness equipment and even pharmacy products.

You just make a curbside pickup order at your Walmart store and they bring it right to your car.

How to arrange a Walmart Curbside Pickup

Shoppers can order items to collect through the Walmart website or app. Just add this link to your phone and you will be automatically connected to your local store and see all of today's best money saving deals.

You can choose a different pickup location on your way to a picnic or party.

You can combine grocery and non-food items into the same order.

Curbside Pickup is free but there is a $35 minimum order.

Once your order is complete you can select pickup as a delivery option and choose your hourly slot.

Check your order online or through the app for any substitutions or unavailable items so you can make changes and then just travel to the store at your allocated time.

How to pick up your items

Orders are typically available within four hours in some cases.

Pickup times may vary depending on your local store but most operate between 8am and 8pm.

You will need to show ID on items such as alcohol. Makes you feel like a kid again sneaking into bars.

There is an option to designate someone to pick up your order if you need to, plus Walmart will refund the difference if the price drops between your order and collection time.



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