#jeffandstuff back on the air

Great news, the latest rendition of the Best of Jeff and Stuff has been picked up for yet another season.

Proving all the naysayers wrong. Perhaps I should not have wished the monkeypox on them, like when I was a kid. Who would have believed how that turned out? SORRY!

These new episodes will be streaming soon, and the good news is the price has dropped. What used to be completely free now comes with the addition of a personal self-esteem package. Guaranteed to make the podcaster, that’s me, feel less guilty about waiting so long to publish these words of wisdom; and it will make the listener, that’s all of you, feel a tremendous sense of relief that I am still podcasting for your enjoyment. Laugh at me, laugh with me, or just a little groan and chuckle at my expense. That’s what I’m here for. No expense has been spared, just a little blood, sweat, and my tears.

Remembered Not Forgotten.com was the original idea that eventually morphed into the Best of Mark and Jeff.

The talent for Mark and Jeff, evidently ran out of enthusiasm for this platform, and this precipitated a partner's, parting of the ways. I was dismayed the way things turned out, still am!

Like the captain, willing to go down with his ship, feverishly bailing, not wanting to give up on the concept. The idea that sharing memories encourages people to remember just how their own life turned out, and take a longing gaze through the looking glass, for better or worse, down all the paths taken and not taken, remembering all the people you have gathered into your life, what they brought to the table, and what they left