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Cinco de Mayo for Adults

Updated: May 4, 2023

The best way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo: drinks without booze!

Enjoy all the taste with no hangover. Enjoy your own "Sober Bar" at home. Feel free to imbibe again, guilt free. Put one of these in your cart (save for later) and check it out while you start remembering what you have a taste for. Like this website: Remembered Not Forgotten, just improved.

When you would like to party all night with no hangover.

These are my favorite selections: Gin and Tonic; Amaretto and Scotch (to make the famous Godfather); and Whiskey Sour. Click on each one to learn more.

Click here to see all your choices on the home page:

The drink recipes are endless. Whether you feel like a crisp Gin & Tonic, or a more traditional Whisky sour or a Rum & Coke. These no alcohol spirits have been distilled with all the flavor so you can enjoy anytime. Shipped right to your door.

Here are some popular cocktail recipe ideas.

And maybe you need some fancy bar accessories for your home Sober Bar. Here are some cool new cocktail glasses.

Check out this cool Tequila Shot Set

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