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One Food, Everyday for Life!

If you could eat but one food everyday, the rest of your life,

what would that food be?

I think about this question a lot, which is why I never became president of the world, and why my bucket list only gets longer.

So here's the full premise.

You must have the exact same dish as a main meal dish for the rest of your life. The one caveat is that you may have breakfast. Dinner must be the same, everyday.

I thought about having pizza everyday for the next 30 years, but I think it would become tiresome. Emidio's on N Main St., Luigi's Downtown and Laconi's, Sixth and Sackett in the Falls were all viable candidates. Even if I brought in the Pizza Guy from Naples and made him my personal chef, it wouldn't work out in the long run. Too much sameness. Tedium would settle in after a few years.


I'm leaving generous wiggle room for breakfast foods, for you Egg Castle minded types. For you Blue Door heads, BD has the finest bacon served anywhere. Full stop. Pair with brioche french toast, in season fruit compote and BD artisan breakfast coffee, you may have a Michelin 4 star breakfast.

I've thought about donuts a lot. Jeff Adkins and I have a friend Tony, who worked at Kistlers Donuts while attending Akron U. He would always show up after work with a box of donuts, especially cruellers. Can't say I'm ready to have another one, yet.

Back to the everyday main dish.

I'll cut to the chase. My choice, to eat everyday from now on, is.......

Bob Paolucci's Minestrone. Bob shared his recipe with me. Not sure yet if I will share the recipe with the world.

As a young man,

Bob came to the US from Italy. Bob was a valve trombonist, but quickly became expert on the slide trombone. At the height of Bob's career, Tommy Dorsey was quoted as saying that Bob was the only trombonist in NY that he took off his hat to. Bob was a CBS staff musician in NY from'39 to '59. He then moved to Akron where he opened Paolucci Music Store on N Main St.

I worked for Paolucci's while in college at Akron U. Bob often made lunch for me, sometimes pasta, sometimes minestrone. His minestrone has a rich complexity that transcends soup. Veggies, pasta, the right seasoning, finished with parmigiano reggiano. What a company perk!

I also endorse pairing with gum searing rustic Italian bread and DOCG Chianti Classico. Salute!

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Jeff Adkins
Jeff Adkins
26 abr 2021

Great question! An elderly friend of mine, who was happily married for 56 years, would ask his wife everyday "What's for supper?", and she always replied "I don't know yet, but the tater's are boiling".

Me gusta
26 abr 2021
Contestando a

Love that quote!

Me gusta
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