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One Ring to Control it All!

You have all heard of "The One Ring to Control them All" No not that one!

We have The One that was designed to make your life easier. And it's Wi-fi.

Here’s the beautiful, smart, remote control for your finger that can be used to operate your mobile phone or iPad. You can easily click and control mainstream media like Tik Tok videos, E-Books or music apps like Pandora and Spotify. You can scroll thru or fast forward short videos on Tik Tok and give them a like. When you are creating video’s, you can effectively control the camera without touching it. Start or pause the production, then save, all hands free. You can also use the camera remote to take selfies, photos and even while recording videos.

When you are reading at night just lay in bed and flip up or down on your eBook page without holding you phone or tablet. Just prop it up and relax. The shoulders and arms are completely relaxed. The ring does the heavy lifting.

This is new and developing technology and it currently has many choices. Just click on the image to check out what is available right now. You can choose one that will also work with Kindle Readers, just carefully read the descriptions. Here is a Link to a key fob instead of a ring.



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