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The Best book I never Read

Updated: May 3

Talk about a strange intro, stick around and let's see where this goes.

Book sleeve for Bag of Bones audio book by the master, Stephen King.
Open with caution, scary inside

How to make a boring ride Scary.

Words done right can be like a magic carpet ride….. I was fortunate to find Books on Tape when I worked as a Night Manager at the Walmart in New Philadelphia, Ohio.

During the 60 minute drive with this masterpiece I was whisked away to the fictional town of TR-90 in western Maine, the setting for Bag of Bones by Stephen King.

Every great author paints their words on the canvas of our minds.

They thoughtfully labor over each end every phrase or nuance. Every chill or fright, every emotion of a cold windy night.

But, to actually hear them read it themselves is bliss. They know all the scary emotions, and when to pause for effect, and the way to express the terror in what they wrote. As a result the commute time passes much too quickly, and you can’t wait to bring your ears back to the scene of the crime.

Stephen truly is the King. If you care to give it a go you might check your local lending library and go old school. They've since converted to CD's to stay somewhat relevant.

And for you Audible members, Amazon is always there for a good nights scare.

If you are interested you can sign up for a

Audible 30 day free trial.

There is no obligation to look around. You get pod casts, their entire library of books, how to do it books for dummies, and as a Amazon Associate if you buy we get paid a little too. Still free to you so, thanks.

So, here is the wrap up.

It does not need to be scary all the time; there are tons of books for every occasion.

This can make a wonderful gift for your Mother.

Set one up for your Mom too. Remember 30 days to see if you like it. Mom is worth it. Here is another thought. If you both join you can listen, and then compare notes on your Book Club with Mom.

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