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The Family that Flies together..

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Cessna flight trainer at Akron airport flight school
I'm flying but I can't drive a car.

Don’t presume to finish that sentence. It’s the journey, not the finish line.

How it started

We were a young married couple watching TV on the floor, snuggled by the fireplace, hiding from the winter snows.

I think we were watching M.A.S.H. at the time and on comes a commercial showing the joys of flying, and just how easy to get your Private Pilot License.

The sun was shining in the commercial and a happy couple was flying to some generic local airport just for lunch. Fly in Restaurant

m passion for aviation.

We can fly too!

Complete packages including class room video learning, 40 hours in-flight instruction and plane rental, course prep for FAA exam, solo flight and actual flight test. All for only $995. Naturally, being free-spirited, hippie sky pilots, we had to sign up.

I flew the Grumman below, and Kathy flew the Cessna above.

Driving is highly overrated.

My wife and I did everything together back then, mall shopping, grocery shopping, drive to work and back, picking up dry-cleaning. And yes bar hopping. You name it, we did it, together.

Love, maybe, but necessity definitely. Kathy did not have a driver’s license. I drove her to all her lessons, classes and flights.

We took the FAA test in Cleveland and we had the two highest grades of all 90 people. I even drove her to get her Pilot’s license.

Local girl can’t drive gets her pilot’s license"

read the article in the Beacon Journal. I didn’t even get mentioned. She actually got her license two weeks before mine due to fog, bad weather, and jitters.

Rules for a happy life.

It’s kind of ironic, a Pilot license is forever, but you do have to show how proficient you are every two years. This would be a game changer for marriage licenses. As it turned out, without a biannual review, my marriage license was only good for 6 years.

We had some wonderful times together, some good and some not so much.

Marie, my current and forever wife, insists I call Kathy my Starter wife.

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