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Don't Leave the house without them!

Blue tooth sunglasses

This is one of the most amazing uses of modern technology that I have ever seen, and it is only going to keep getting better. If you explore this idea with me, you will be able to imagine a lot more personal uses than I can ever mention in 5 minutes.

I am totally fascinated with this technology.

Sunglasses I can talk to, somebody who will actually listen to me. Hands free everything, listen to text messages, listen to music, or hear the latest book on audible.

book, dictate shopping lists and reminders. Absolutely everything you do on your phone totally hands free and you never have to look at the screen. The best part is you already have everything you need to get started. Eyes, ears, a convenient nose support, and your trusty Smart phone. All you have to do is read and click here (See choices on Amazon)

All of your outdoor activities, walking, hiking, jogging, cycling, everywhere you go, it even makes chores enjoyable like raking the leaves, and with the volume up you can even use your leaf blower.

Remember you can even take and share pictures or just video chat!

And for those of you who got the gardening bench we talked about earlier it will make gardening a time you will cherish.

It is especially convenient in cold weather because you don’t have to take off your gloves to poke at the screen, so, you can use them outdoors while

Skiing or Snowmobiling, to talk with each other. Even using your snowblower, or an actual snow shovel if you want to hold on to some old childhood memories. You can even talk to the person you are having a snowball fight with as you attack. Who needs Fortnight? Never surrender! It also adds to your safety when walking because your phone is not visible for someone to target and try to steal.

You can safely walk and stay in contact with friends or family to re-assure them you get where you are going safely.

And Yes, they will work with eBikes. You can do everything you want with both hands and stay connected. Anywhere you take your eyes. Cycling solo for safe entertainment or just talk to another rider without stopping.

The prices range from $45 to $299 and you can even get a pair that has a camera built in. Get a pair for indoor use with transition lenses, or maybe just clear lenses. Your optometrist can make your prescription lenses to fit these frames.

And for the pirates among us you can have one side blacked out. Aaaarrgh!

One of the best features is that with every purchase you get a free lifetime subscription to

The Best of Jeff and Stuff podcasts. I promise you will be able to chuckle hands free and people will still look at you like you’re crazy.

It makes the most thoughtful gift for people with diminished eyesight, let your mom enjoy that audible subscription you got her wherever she

chooses. Or she can ask to play her favorite songs on Amazon Music and remember those special memories. Here is another wow feature, some streaming services have a narrative feature on the closed captioning option for movies that they offer that actually describes what is showing on the screen. You can actually go to the movies instantly, anywhere! Without taking your eyes off the road.

This might just be the perfect gift for everyone, for every reason.

I hope this gives you some ideas how you can use this, and you will share it with friends and family.

Thanks for reading. Again, see your choices here.

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