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The sign of the crime.

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Did you ever do something really stupid involving your girlfriend?

No! Well let me tell you what it is like.

First you have to accumulate the following: 4 willing accomplices, a few handy tools you happen to have in your car, 4 brown bags with Schlitz 3.2% beer, a crime scene, a prerequisite girlfriend, and her quick to judgement Father.

Got all that? Ok, here we go.

The background you need to know is my girlfriend was learning to drive, and we had shared a lesson or two, but now it was her parents turn. One fine day Barb and her Mom are practice driving around Fairlawn, Sand Run, and Ghent. With her hands gripping the wheel at 10 and 2, carefully approaching the intersection of Yellowcreek Rd and Cleveland-Massillon Rd, learning most of the skills, but still needing to work on that pesky breaking stuff.

Imaginative corner sign to make a point
Supposed to be Yellowcreek Rd and Ghent Rd.

Ouch!, if I remember correctly, our heroine touched bumpers with the car ahead. Nothing bruised except for pride, and a story to tell which required lots of comfort to be doled out by me.

Now here’s where it went off the rails. In the retelling to my friends, I got the bright idea to steal the intersection sign and plant it on her front lawn. It seemed hilarious at the time. Today I am really embarrassed.

Luckily, we didn’t get caught drunkenly giggling as we delivered the prank. So morning comes and her Dad, who for reasons unknown liked me, decides to blame the childhood friend who lived just down the street.

And everybody missed the joke because we had swiped the wrong sign.

Her Dad really was cool. He even built a rabbit cage for the bunny I gave his daughter on an impulse one Easter. He invited me to a picnic in their backyard afterwards to show me his handiwork. I did not feel threatened, he was that cool. Never heard the cursing under his breath.

Cute baby bunny like I gave my girlfriend.
I think we named him "Pellets"

I do how ever remember enjoying the family's secret potato salad recipe, made with Italian dressing. Oops! the secret is out.

I still wonder what happened to Barb and the Bunny.

So what did you do as a young lover?

We all survived, so please tell us your tale. But feel free to change the names in your story to protect the innocent.

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