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Yor own fitting room: Try Before you Buy from Amazon

Don't drag your husband or kids to the store anymore!

Hang on to your Christmas Ca$h and Gift cards a little longer

Prime Try Before You Buy is a Prime-exclusive program where you can try eligible items from women's, men's, kids', and baby clothing, shoes, and accessories before you buy them. You have seven days to try the items at home and we'll only charge for the items you keep.

Here is Pro Tip #1 from someone who has used this to avoid clothes other people have tried on in the store.

Plus, the fact they always have my size, and I enjoy the privacy of home!

This is how easy it is.

Sit in your favorite chair, open browser, sip some wine, look at hubby and all your adorable kids, imagine what you wish they were wearing. Hold on to that thought, sip some more wine, then shop.

Here is Pro Tip #3 while you are shopping you can put items in your cart and click save for later. It will keep track of all your finds, plus Amazon will notify you of any price changes.

So, enjoy this time saving feature, shop from the safety of your own browser, and share this with your friends



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