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Hello Rock!

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Hello 1971 MGB

My 1971 MGB convertible.
This was my second most expensive love interest.

I fell in love with the car and the girl about the same time.

I traded in a White ’65 Impala 4 door that my Uncle Ed gave me. Yes that same Uncle for those of you following along.

I had been dating Gloria since the previous September and we got along just fine in the Chevy. When spring came around, I wanted to upgrade my ride and I found and fell in love with a brand new

1971 MGB convertible. Way out of my league, but so was she.

I was eager to show off the new ride to my other love. I drove over to her house but I failed to realize how much closer to the ground I was. There was only one jagged rock in her drive and I found it with my Shiny new low rider. The muffler took a direct hit.

It was the grinding sound that helped me realize just how low.

We enjoyed each other’s company and the car all summer and into the following winter when fate pulled us apart just after Valentine’s Day.

Newly single, drinking with my buds from work evidently was cheaper than dating. This allowed me to afford to fix the muffler which had gradually grown louder but not in a fast car kind of way.

Summer rolled around again, I called Gloria and we decided to give it another try.

Hello rock!

Yep, we all got together again, the Car, the Girl, the Rock and with the same results. We dated until she decided to go back to college.

I never fixed muffler again, only kept car a for another year, as I never really could afford it.

Still today, I Remember the good times with them both!

Just don't ask me to choose.

I'm not sure if this is a car story or a love gone wrong story. Tell me your stories and I'll figure it out.

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Feb 04, 2021

Don't remember you with that car, but I do remember lusting over an MGA about that time.

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