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Potting Bench

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Harbour Freight sells a wood working bench for a modest price. I modified the bench to meet my wife's needs for a potting bench.


Top 60" X 20"

Height 34"

Shelves 46" X 17"

Crates are 12" X 18" 9" high. Bought at Menard's. Stained and spar varnished.

The wood-working bench was unassembled in a flat box weighing maybe 80 lbs.

All parts were coated liberally with a water based spar varnish, before assembly.

4 drawers in the kit were NOT used. I built the top shelf, instead. A 9 X 12 hole was cut in the top to allow for dirt to be swept into a galvanized tub below. The tub was purchased at Tractor Supply.

The intent is to let the bench outside for the summer, but I will be upset when it starts to deteriorate. Additionally, the bench has a built in vice on the right side, can still be used as a wood working vise, with bench dogs and irons.

That's the story. Cant wait to take the bench to the garden!

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Your bench looks like an antique. I Love it. What will be potted first?


I will get potted first! Just kidding. I really don't know exactly how my wife will use the bench. My job was to make a bench she likes, and she really likes it! It will look great setting by the garage.

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