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Spouting Off!

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Today I solved a problem that had been lurking in the background for many years. My shower seemed like it was losing pressure, that old invigorating spray was now intermittent, at best, and not enjoyable. More water was still going down into the tub rather than up into the sprayer.

As hard as I tried I still can't bend over that far.

The Fix

It turns out that the problem was a faulty diverter plate inside the tub spout. With the help of my repair team, Google and Amazon Prime, I was literally blown away. Were it not for my lifesaving shower slippers, see the previous blog, I would have slipped up. Yes, the spray was that strong, again.

The solution was so simple even you can do it.

The Homework

Here is the process:

1. Examine the tub hardware to find which brand.

2. Do a Google search for my particular brand, a Moen tub spout diverter problems. Watch a variety of videos.

3. Realize how simple the fix is.

4. Head to Amazon Prime and make a choice.

Do try this at home

If you have some basic skills, however,

Please do not attempt any repair you are not comfortable with, unless you have your plumber on speed dial. It will leak if you use too much force.

One thing that makes every project easy is having the correct tool. In the videos it mentions a hex wrench and the product description mentioned the 5/32 size. I found this out after some digging.

Here is the solution:

1. Buy the best fixture for your project. (I could have bought a less

expensive part.)

2. Check out some of the add on selections and buy a dress up chrome

wall plate. Because your wife will think you are a genius.

3. Buy an assorted set of SAE hex wrenches, having no luck finding one

in the tool box

4. Order with 2-day Prime delivery, and become a plumber for the total

of 15 minutes it took to fix.

I am an Amazon affiliate and get paid for my recommendations if you buy.

Here is a picture of my masterpiece.

If you want to brag or have any questions, Please leave a comment.

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