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We are not Alone

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

This truly is an “Economic Pandemic”

Here is the problem

I know it is of little comfort, but we are not alone in our rising price crisis,

Germany is experiencing a massive increase in fuel energy prices.

German newspapers report "Our whole society - families, travelers, the middle class - are suffering from too much sudden growth." Supply chain problems have created unforeseen rising demand for more stuff, and we still have the I want it now mentality. So how do we react to this?

Germany said Eat Less Meat!

The Germany economic cooperation and development ministry urged its citizens to change diet habits and eat less meat in order to solve the growing food price crisis.

England said Eat More Fish & Chips!

London, UK consumer price inflation has surged to the highest level in three decades, heaping pressure on households already facing a huge increase in energy costs. Fish and chip shops are facing "extinction" amid rising costs, an industry body has warned.

Some shops in the West of England say the soaring price of fresh codfish, sunflower oil and the energy to cook it has left them struggling. The National Federation of Fish Friers is urging the government to cut the VAT value added tax to help shops with energy bills.

Before the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, as many as 10,500 shops were selling fish and chips every day across the UK, a trade worth £12bn a year.

But the four main ingredients of this traditional British dish are imported from Russia and Ukraine: sunflower oil is imported from Ukraine, and cod, potatoes and flour are imported from Russia .

Germany says eat less meat, England says buy more fish and chips to keep shops open, and here in the United States

Americans have cut back what they're buying at gas stations and grocery stores in response to rising prices. But their spending overall has remained fairly steady.

In America where we have stuff to buy, the Feds are raising interest rates making everything cost more especially food!

So, let’s recap:

Germany – eat less meat.

England – eat more fish and chips.

America – Shop Smarter.

This is what hell in a hand basket looks like. Don't forget your hand sanitizer.

People let’s be realistic, spend your money smarter.

Buy only what you need; stay healthy; stay smart; save for what you want; and shop intelligently.

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And don't forget to use your hand sanitizer when shopping!

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