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Where's the Pot?

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

A-frame cottage my family built in Irish Hills , Michigan
Looks peaceful without the crime scene tape

Looks like your typical vacation cottage, quiet, secluded, about to be invaded.

The 3 Amigos (that’s us) hauled our sailboat to the family compound across from Hayes State Park, in Michigan.

Just a quick stop to pick up the key from relatives in Toledo, because it is for the family to use, right, and I had helped build it after all. We did not see it coming, perhaps it was jealousy or envy, but this was a trap about to be set.

We proceeded to our destination just in time to get groceries for the week end. Unhitched the boat and headed to the grocery that serviced Wamplers Lake and campers at the State Park.

The first thing we see is a bevy of beauties surrounding our new best friend, Jersey Joe! We realized these were cute girls in search of beer, and they realized we had a cottage, with a deck to enjoy the sunset, and that very same beer. They had us at bevy, and we had them at beer. A little stocking up and now we are leading a pilgrimage.

Everybody followed us to the cottage and we proceeded to “Let the Games Begin”.

After about 3 beers each, 15 teens, 2 drunk Amigos and 1 drunken nephew are busted by

“Where’s the Pot”?

as announced by Uncle Ed. He had just driven up from Florida, stopped in Toledo where jealous, envious relatives ratted us out, so he decided to drive one more hour to His cottage.

Needless to say everybody scattered, we stayed to clean up, and left the next morning, dragging our tails and the boat behind us.

We must have made a good impression because Jersey Joe looked us up at Akron U, and he even stayed and rented a room at Sigma Pi fraternity house.

That is a tale for another beer or two.

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Feb 03, 2021

I like it! Can't remember when I was more scared! A regular B horror movie!

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